Windows of the World

Windows of the World coverA very popular CD of concert music featuring the brilliant “Windows of the World”.


1. For the Love of a Princess, Horner arr. Duncan
2. Molly on the Shore, Grainger arr. Snell
3. Cavatina from Norma, Bellini, Soloist: Peter Roberts
4. Slaughter on 10th Avenue, Rodgers
5. Shepherd Song, Davis, Soloist: Morgan Grifiths
6. Silver Mountain, Richards
7. Piper O’ Dundee, Downie, Soloist: Sheona White
8. Hymn for Diana, Turrin
9. Beautiful World, Downie
10. Windows of the World, Graham
Amazonia, Soloists: Sheona White and Margaret Antorbus
The Rising Sun
Drums of Thunder
Celtic Dream
Earth Walk, Soloists: Ben Godfrey and Stian Villanger

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